Model aircraft flyers

Fiss Perdatscher-Bichl 1.500m

Can be reached by a 10 minute walk or 2 minutes by car. No take-off fee! Beautiful runways for level starting and landing, a clear view over a wide area, no trees, wind direction south-easterly to north-easterly, frequency marker board - battery charger at the airfield, sufficient undercover space for models should it rain, model aircraft wingspans ranging from 10cm to 6m. This is a place for all model aircraft flyers to fully enjoy their sport – whether they are beginners, advanced or professionals.

Schönjoch 2.494m

Easy to reach with the Schönjoch cableway. The cableway is well equipped to transport your models carefully up the mountain. You will find a stone-free starting and landing runway; all wind directions except a west wind, stable flying conditions - a particular enjoyment for high alpine and extreme model aircraft flyers. No take-off fee!